Hemo the Magnificient

Back in the distant past of the nineteen eighties we didn’t have dvds and even vhs tapes were expensive. And so, they used to show us films in school, using an actual film projector in a dark room. It was great.

Of course these films were usually of the educational variety. Some were good (such as the You are There series featuring Walter Cronkite) and some weren’t. My favorite, though, was Hemo the Magnigicent.

Hemo the Magnificent is an educational film, directed by Frank Capra and featuring Mel Blanc(!), about the circulatory system featuring cartoon animals and live action actors. It’s really a cute and funny film. Don’t take my word for it. You can check out the first ten minutes at YouTube. You’ll recognize Mel Blanc’s voice right away.

I really need to pick this up on DVD.


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