Bring Out Your Dead

(Note: I was gonna put the “Bring our your dead clip” from Monty Python here, but that one’s pretty grim. Instead here’s the coconut discussion.)

I planned on writing this weekend. I really did. Life decided otherwise.

Little T-Mike, nearly a year old now, came down with a bit of sickness Friday night. We would hold him until he fell asleep, we’d put him in his crib, and then he’d wake up again. All night. Eventually my wife and I decided to take care of him in shifts, me from 10:00 PM to Midnight, her from Midnight to 2:00 AM, etc. On the plus side, T-Mike watched Letterman with me for the first time (we both fell asleep through no fault of Mr. Letterman).

Saturday we called the doctor and they told us to bring him to the E.R. (because it was Saturday) and we spent a good portion of Saturday morning and afternoon there. Luckily my sister wasn’t busy so our daughter got to hang out with her aunt while we were at the hospital. Turns out poor T-Mike has an ear infection in each ear.

Went to be early, for me, on Saturday night expecting another long night. Luckily he slept much better as was only up 2 or 3 times. He got a bit of his spirit back Sunday even if his voice is still froggy and he sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes.

So that’s us, just trying to get by and hoping everybody feels better soon. As bad as we feel now, we still have to be thankful that he will feel better, which is something not all families can look forward to.


6 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead

  1. I would say I wish my kid had an ear infection, because she STILL wakes up every few hours. Every. Single. Night. And we still haven’t narrowed down exactly why. But I don’t really mean that, because ear infections suck for everyone, and I’m very glad your little guy is feeling better. Don’t they always get sick on the weekend when you have to debate whether or not it’s bad enough to take them to the er? Hate that. Again, glad he’s perking up!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear your son is sick! Man, that crud is really circling the blogosphere. Do you think one can catch it (or pass it on) through the computer? You know – a computer virus??

    I hope you all are feeling better and getting some sleep!!

    And the Monty Python? Classic! I’m going to be walking around the house today calling Bring Out Your Dead!! and clapping virtual coconuts!

  3. Ugh. Ear infections are the worst. Before I had kids that didn’t sound like it was too bad. But now I know.

    I hope the amoxicillin kicks in quickly. (I see Dr. spell check wants to change amoxicillin to penicillin.)

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