Much Better, Thanks

Well, things are much better for us. The boy has recovered from his ear infections just in time for his birthday (he turns 1 in 8 days, unbelievable!). The daughter and my wife are feeling fine as well. On top of that, little T-Mike slept through the night last night, going from 8:00 PM to 5:30 AM.

The highlight of the past weekend was Valentine’s Day. We loaded the family into the Beetle and headed to the skating rink for a little ice skating. My wife and I took turns skating with our daughter while the other chased T-Mike around the lobby of the rink.

This was only the second time my daughter has been skating, but she was so much more confident this time. Holding onto one of those walker things, she was absolutely running on the ice. I would skate backward in front of her as she would skate towards me and several times she was going so fast she nearly passed me. At one point she got so brave that she decided she wanted to get rid of the walker and skate holding only my hands. We did one lap of this and she did well, but she was leaning a bit forward and I was holding her up quite a bit. After the one lap she decided to switch back to the walker thing. My thighs appreciated it.

We all decided we would make the ice skating a regular thing. For one, it gets us out of the house. Second, it’s exercise for the entire family and selfishly should help me with my skating for hockey. And judging by the smile on my daughter’s face the entire time she was skating, it’s going to be hard to keep her off the ice.

Really the only thing that isn’t firing on all cylinders is my writing. The old ink well has dried up. I assure you that I will rectify that soon. I just need to start writing and show that old blank piece of paper who is the boss (the boss is me).


4 thoughts on “Much Better, Thanks

  1. Glad you’re doing better, and the kids too! We love ice skating, although we only get out once or twice a year, typically. I’m glad my kids are finally able to do it on their own!!

  2. I really need to make my husband read this. For years he has been insisting he cannot learn how to ice skate. I would love to show him that small children are learning how to skate…it might actually motivate him.

    It sounds like you had a fun time with the family!

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