A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today, right around lunch time I got a phone call from my wife that I should probably get home soon because she thought she was going into labor. As it was her EXACT due date, I dropped what I was doing and hurried home, all the while expecting a false alarm.

When I got home my wife had packed sandwiches for herself, my daughter, and I, and we were off to the hospital. Just in case, I called my Mom (who lives 45 minutes away from the hospital) and told her we were probably going to need her to come to the hospital. Somebody would have to take care of our daughter while we were in the hospital.

Well, we get there and it is definitely not a false alarm. Things are happening fast. Contractions are close. My wife is in pain. And all the beds are taken, so we have to sit in the waiting room until they can get my wife in. Which also means no pain meds for her.

Eventually they did get her in and not long after that our son was born. That’s him in the Pirates hat at the top of this post. As I’ve told many people today, looking back it seems like it was just yesterday, but moment to moment (such moments as changing diapers and waking in the night) time seems to creep.

So anyway, happy birthday to T-Mike. May you have many many more.


12 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today…

  1. How fun! As someone looking from the outside in — that year just flew by! I swear I remember reading about your newborn and driving about trying to get him to sleep and now he’s standing and posing with baseball hats.

    I actually gasped when I read that your wife had to sit in THE WAITING ROOM WHILE SHE WAS IN ACTIVE LABOR since there were no beds ready.

    Uh, wow.

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