Karate Kid Remake

One of my favorite movies of all time is Karate Kid. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that. As a kid, I used to watch Karate Kid daily on a VHS recording I made of the movie on one of those times we got free HBO for the weekend. Anybody else remember free HBO weekends? They don’t do that anymore, do they?

Anyhow, I used to watch Karate Kid, particularly the ending of the movie where Daniel does the crane kick and wins the All Valley Karate Championship. We used to watch the maneuver in slow motion, noting how Daniel’s foot doesn’t quite reach Johnny’s face, but not really caring that it doesn’t.

My best friend Cory and I used to play Karate Kid all the time. I was always Daniel and he was always Daniel’s best friend, that happened to have the exact same skills as Daniel and looked the same as Daniel. lol We fought many invisible bad guys in those days.

So, Karate Kid is near and dear to my heart. When I heard they were doing a “remake” of Karate Kid I groaned. When I heard that Will Smith’s 9 year old was playing the part of Karate Kid I vomited. I was set against watching this movie on principal alone. Then I saw the trailer.

Not bad. I can get behind Jackie Chan in the “Miyagi” role. I still don’t agree with the choice of such a young “Karate Kid” but I can get beyond that. In fact, if they had called the movie something other than Karate Kid, I’d probably go see this in the theater. Instead, I’ll probably rent it.

Who knows, maybe some kid will see this new movie and become Karate Kid themselves. And just maybe they’ll check out the original and realize what a much more superior film that was. 🙂

Sweep the leg.

11 thoughts on “Karate Kid Remake

  1. I was doing an anti-bullying improv scene in front of my elementary school as a kid, and I crane kicked the bully. Pretty much brought down the house…

    Can’t say I’m too excited for this movie. I may rent it out of curiousity, though.

  2. “I thought you were just a maintenance man.”

    I don’t know about this one. It seems like a totally different movie compared to the original but maybe that was the point. I wonder if they will use Sweep the Leg.

    Hey, when it comes out on DVD can you watch it for me to see if they say it. Then, if they do, I’ll rent it. Ugh, what a lazy @ss I am.

  3. I really don’t understand the remaking of this movie either. Just doesn’t seem to come close to the pure awesomesauce that was the original. I wore out my video tape of the Karate Kid when i was a kid myself. You pretty much echoed my sentiments. If you want to check them out here: http://wp.me/pTgeI-4C

  4. I enjoyed the remake, but…..it wasn’t the original. That being said, most remakes aren’t usually quite equal to their earlier counterparts. The boy (Will Smith’s son) did surprise me as quite a talented actor for his age. Jackie Chan, I have always liked, but some of the deep scenes of drama just didn’t fit him. All in all it was worth seeing, but I wouldn’t re-watch it the way that I did the original over…..and over……and over again.

    • I haven’t seen the remake, but I surely doubt it will match the original. The original was one of my favorite movies of all time. I also thing the Will Smith’s son is too young for the role.

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