Congratulations to Our Neighbors Up North

Awesome hockey themed Coke commercial

Being the resident hockey guy in my office, I’ve been asked many times about the Gold Medal game (Canada beat the USA 3-2 in overtime). My response has been that I wanted the United States to win, but I’m fine with Canada winning the game because they will probably appreciate it more and also because Sidney Crosby (of my Pittsburgh Penguins) scored the game winning goal.

I was not able to watch the game, actually, because we were making our way home from our weekend trip to Pittsburgh to visit my wife’s family. I did listen to the game on the radio, and I did in fact share an awesome high-five with my wife while merging onto the parkway at 65 mph when the U.S. scored the game tying goal with eight seconds left. Yes, I’m a multi-tasker.

So congratulations to you Canada. I hope you enjoyed having Sidney on your team for two weeks. We’ll kindly like him back now, thanks.

6 thoughts on “Congratulations to Our Neighbors Up North

  1. Thanks! It was an exciting game right until the end.

    That commercial really gets my Canadian pride going, I have to say. 🙂 There were a few variations throughout the Games with different text at the end, as well.

  2. I watched the Ok Go video last night. I think my jaw is still hanging open. Evidently, it took 20 engineers 6 weeks to put it together. And they took almost 60 takes to get it right. But it was worth it.

    Your thoughts about the US/Canada game reflected mine, too. They deserved it. My daughter, however, was not so convinced. She had a complete meltdown. Oh, Canada…

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