I’m A Figure Skater

Sunday, we went to the ice skating rink for “public session”. It’s a pretty fun time. Pay a few dollars and you get two hours of ice time skating in a circle.

Along with my family, my wife’s friend and her husband came along, as did my parents and couple of my daughter’s little friends and their moms. No, we didn’t all ride in the same car. Don’t think my wife’s VW Beetle would hold quite that many people. It was my 3 1/2 year old daughter’s third time ever, and she was pretty excited.

The first half of the skating session wasn’t too bad. My daughter, using one of those metal walker thingies, would skate forward and I would skate backward in front of her, just in case she needed help. My wife skated beside her and we had a nice leisurely time. Towards the end of the first hour, I pointed out to my daughter the small coned-off section in the middle of the ice that was designated for the figure skaters. I thought nothing more of it.

For the second hour of skating, a couple of my daughter’s friends arrived. It was their first time skating, so they weren’t quite as fast as my daughter. I tried to keep her slowed down so they could all skate together, but that was like trying to keep a bowling ball from rolling down a steep hill. Then she started to get brave.

First, she decided she didn’t want the walker anymore. Fine. We ditched that and I skated backwards and held her hands. I thought she was very brave and only slightly risky. Then she didn’t want me to hold her hands. She wanted to skate on her own. I thought this was insane and wouldn’t last very long. I mean, this is a girl that just learned to walk two years ago and had only been skating two other times. There were many adults on that ice clinging to the sideboards because they couldn’t skate. Not my daughter. She actually started to skate on her own.

Was that enough? Of course not. Next, she decided she would stop in the middle of the ice and do some turns, all the while saying “I’m a figure skater”. Remember that from a few paragraphs ago? I do too, now. And so it was for the remainder of our time on the ice. She did remarkable well, falling a few times, but not too often. All the while saying “I’m a figure skater”.

I have to say I admire her courage. The girl has no fear. I can only imagine the trouble I’ll have if she’s this brave when she’s 16. Actually, I’d rather not think about it.

Anyhow, we all had a great time on the ice yesterday. Old daddy’s a bit sore today from all that backward skating, plus my hockey game last night. It was all worth it, though.


6 thoughts on “I’m A Figure Skater

  1. That is so cool! I think there’s really a lot to be said for not knowing whatever you’re doing is SUPPOSED to be impossible/hard. Sounds like she’s going to rule the world!

  2. How fantastic! That’s the time to learn these things (especially when you are little and don’t have far to fall!)
    I so wish I had learned to skate and ski when I was young. It is so amazing to see those little tots zooming about whilst adults are really struggling to learn.

  3. Such fun times!! They do get less brave as they get older and realize what can hurt them or embarrass them. For now, it’s a much shorter way to fall. 🙂

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