Daylight is Saved, but at What Cost?

Can we switch back the clocks? Pretty please?

Daylight savings time plus my daughter’s one last final head cold (I really hope so) has kicked our butts this week. Not only are the kids having a hard time realizing that it’s nighttime at their usual pre-savings time bedtimes, but when my daughter finally does go to sleep she’s up several times in the night with a cough. Last night was a particular rough one, as the daughter woke up, asked for a drink, and then flipped out when I brought water instead of juice. When I refused, she screamed/cried enough to wake up her brother, good ol’ T-Mike. Ah well.

So, not much writing has been accomplished. I did get a few minutes yesterday outside and did a little bit of weeding in our flowerbed, “deadheading” the flowers, something I should’ve done last Autumn.  And, it has been gorgeous outside. 70+ degrees in March is a beautiful thing.


6 thoughts on “Daylight is Saved, but at What Cost?

  1. The warm weather is definitely nice!

    I am still trying to get used to the time change, though the daylight is nice…I like the daylight…but I can see how it can be troublesome with small kids.

  2. just the title of this had me rolling!! You know, I traveled through time differences with less difficulty than adjusting to the hour time change this spring.

    On the good side, it’s screwed up the puppy too, so he’s flopping out for a nap at nine in the morning. Crazy!

  3. We haven’t changed yet, another week or so I think (actually must find out when it is!) But I do like the lighter evenings I must say. Losing an hours sleep the night the clocks go forward, not so much.
    Hope your daughter’s cold improves quickly, poor thing.

    • The extra light is nice, I guess. I’d rather have the early bedtime for the kids, though. 🙂

      Thanks about the daughter. She is feeling a bit better and even slept the night. My wife is sick now, though. Ugh.

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