What’s Up With Me

I feel pretty crappy today, so bear with me. I feel kinda like I have a hangover, without any of the fun of the night before. It’s very odd, actually.

The dance recital Saturday night was a success. My daughter did great and I didn’t stop smiling the entire show. All of the different age groups performed very well. Yes, there was a strange dust that mysteriously kicked up in the auditorium, messing with my *ahem* allergies and making my eyes water. I’m a softie, I know.

I have my last hockey game of the season to play in Thursday night. I hit my personal goal of scoring 10 goals this season, and have actually passed it with 13 goals, which those of you that follow me on Twitter probably know already. This has been my most enjoyable season thus far, I think, in the 10 years I have played. It helps we have a pretty good mix of guys on the team and have actually won a few games.

This weekend is another big event, my daughter’s birthday party. We’re having it at our house, which is a bit of extra stress, but I think it will be fun. This is the first year she’ll have friends at her party, kids from her pre-school. Should be a good time.

Okay, back to trying to not get sick.

Cuddly Duck

Tomorrow afternoon my little girl has her first ever dance recital. Having witnessed their dress rehearsal earlier in the week, I’m certain it’s going to be epic.

It’s just amazing when I look back at it, how far she has come. It feels like just yesterday I was holding her in the crook of my arm like a football and driving her around at 3 AM to get her to fall back to sleep, and now she’s dancing in recitals and attending preschool.

Time, is a funny thing. It can be so excruciatingly slow when you are experiencing it, but so rapid fast when you look back on it.

Turbo Boost

I had a late night hockey game last night and am running on three hours of sleep. Let’s just say I needed a bit of a boost. It’s silly, but this clip from Star Wars did it for me. Probably says more about me than anything else.

I always loved this scene. Princess Leia giving everybody their awards with a wink. C-3PO all shined up, and hold up I’m getting a bit emotional here, R2-D2 fixed up, operational, and tweeting away. Chills.

Then there’s John Williams score. So good. They don’t make concertos and stuff, or at least not that the general public is really aware of. However, people are aware of John Williams music. Check it on wikipedia. He’s the J.S. Bach of our time.

I must’ve watched this scene a thousand times, but still get that chill up my spine. Back in the early to mid Eighties not everybody had a VCR in their homes. The things weighed roughly ten thousand pounds, and were very expensive. We always rented ours from the library. And I made my parents get Star Wars every time. Ah memories.

Anyway, I guess this is my long way of saying good morning. Good morning.

Parenting = Voluntary Insomnia

Ever go a year without sleeping the whole way through the night? Well, that’s what we are experiencing in our house right now, and although for the most part my body has adapted to it, sometimes it wears on me a bit. I call these times Monday.

Things are better than when T-Mike was a newborn but he is still up twice a night. Rare are the nights when I get into a deep enough sleep that I have a dream.

Things will improve, though, I know. Our daughter is almost four years old and has been sleeping like a champ since three or so. When she was going through this same sleeplessness, I seriously felt like she would never sleep at night, even in the teenage years. Silly thought, I know.

My writing has been non-existent lately, and I know this is part of the reason (though laziness on my part is a big contributor as well). It’s just so easy to come home from work at night, help get the kids to sleep and all that, and then just watch a movie or mess around on the Internet. It’s very hard to find motivation to write, but I’m working on it.

So that’s where I am this beautiful, chilly and blue-skied Pennsylvania morning. Tired, yet hopeful.

Your Princess Is In Another Castle

I played a ton of videogames in the 8-bit era. Yeah, I rescued my share of princesses. I never wondered what happened after that. This video offers one take on it.

Another video, I know. But this one cracked me up and I had to share.

Note: I would find this video equally funny if the hero was a woman and the rescued a man.

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’

The political discourse in this country is screwed. It has been for some time.  It’s sad really, because there really does need to be a dialogue and a discussion of ideas in order for the best solution of a problem to be achieved.

I’m a registered Democrat. Not because I’m all that enamored by them, but because right now but they are at least not insane and some of them are at least they are attempting some good things (such as providing health care to all Americans). Meanwhile, the Republicans are critiquing logos.

On Fox and Friends, on the Fox News Network, they “discussed” the logo at President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit and how it resembled the crescent moon you see on the flags of Muslim countries, all the while ignoring what the logo was actually supposed to resemble: Bohr’s Model of the Hydrogen Atom.

I don’t expect you to watch the Fox and Friends segment, because my head nearly exploded when I watched it. Luckily, the Daily Show covered it last night.
John Stewart:

Yeah, you be the judge. We’re just letting you know about some bullsh– thing we saw, saying this is a coded message to the Muslim world. We’re just curious citizens, wondering if we put that logo up with four Muslim flags, whether you’ll have a visceral reaction that our president is perhaps Muslim, while clearly stating our conclusion on our lower-third graphic.

And that’s where we are in our discourse. While the President is meeting with world leaders in an attempt to “enhance international cooperation to prevent nuclear terrorism”, the other side is looking at the similarities of pictures.

Two Thousand Words

I’m still recovering from the 3+ hour (one way) day trip we took to Pittsburgh on Sunday, so I’m a bit lacking in the words department. I’m glad we went though, as we were traveling to attend my cousin’s newborn daughter’s baptism.

To make up for the lack of the bloggy bloggy, here a couple pictures of my kids. Enjoy!

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Dar Williams – The Babysitter’s Here

Dar Williams – The Babysitter’s Here

Things are going pretty well here personally, although the writing dry spell continues. That’s my own fault, so whatever. I’m not calling it writer’s block. More like writer’s procrastination.

The now 13 month old son, T-Mike, continues to test out his mobility, now climbing on anything in the house within arms reach. The boy has no fear. Nor does he learn from his falls. Instead he laughs at them. He still hasn’t really started talking yet, other than mamma/dadda. He communicates with grunts and growls though, and likes to point out lady bugs on the carpet. He also likes to do “cheers” with his sippy cup (filled with juice or water, no milk for this guy).

The above video is a song I hear on Kid’s Place Live on XM Radio from time to time by Dar Williams titled “The Babysitter’s Here”. I adore this song, although for some reason it is always accompanied by a strange dust storm in my car that makes my eyes water. Weird that.