Dar Williams – The Babysitter’s Here

Dar Williams – The Babysitter’s Here

Things are going pretty well here personally, although the writing dry spell continues. That’s my own fault, so whatever. I’m not calling it writer’s block. More like writer’s procrastination.

The now 13 month old son, T-Mike, continues to test out his mobility, now climbing on anything in the house within arms reach. The boy has no fear. Nor does he learn from his falls. Instead he laughs at them. He still hasn’t really started talking yet, other than mamma/dadda. He communicates with grunts and growls though, and likes to point out lady bugs on the carpet. He also likes to do “cheers” with his sippy cup (filled with juice or water, no milk for this guy).

The above video is a song I hear on Kid’s Place Live on XM Radio from time to time by Dar Williams titled “The Babysitter’s Here”. I adore this song, although for some reason it is always accompanied by a strange dust storm in my car that makes my eyes water. Weird that.


2 thoughts on “Dar Williams – The Babysitter’s Here

  1. Very good! Glad to hear T-Mike is thriving but shame you aren’t managing to do any writing. You can live up to your blog name a little too closely you know 🙂

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