Parenting = Voluntary Insomnia

Ever go a year without sleeping the whole way through the night? Well, that’s what we are experiencing in our house right now, and although for the most part my body has adapted to it, sometimes it wears on me a bit. I call these times Monday.

Things are better than when T-Mike was a newborn but he is still up twice a night. Rare are the nights when I get into a deep enough sleep that I have a dream.

Things will improve, though, I know. Our daughter is almost four years old and has been sleeping like a champ since three or so. When she was going through this same sleeplessness, I seriously felt like she would never sleep at night, even in the teenage years. Silly thought, I know.

My writing has been non-existent lately, and I know this is part of the reason (though laziness on my part is a big contributor as well). It’s just so easy to come home from work at night, help get the kids to sleep and all that, and then just watch a movie or mess around on the Internet. It’s very hard to find motivation to write, but I’m working on it.

So that’s where I am this beautiful, chilly and blue-skied Pennsylvania morning. Tired, yet hopeful.

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