Turbo Boost

I had a late night hockey game last night and am running on three hours of sleep. Let’s just say I needed a bit of a boost. It’s silly, but this clip from Star Wars did it for me. Probably says more about me than anything else.

I always loved this scene. Princess Leia giving everybody their awards with a wink. C-3PO all shined up, and hold up I’m getting a bit emotional here, R2-D2 fixed up, operational, and tweeting away. Chills.

Then there’s John Williams score. So good. They don’t make concertos and stuff, or at least not that the general public is really aware of. However, people are aware of John Williams music. Check it on wikipedia. He’s the J.S. Bach of our time.

I must’ve watched this scene a thousand times, but still get that chill up my spine. Back in the early to mid Eighties not everybody had a VCR in their homes. The things weighed roughly ten thousand pounds, and were very expensive. We always rented ours from the library. And I made my parents get Star Wars every time. Ah memories.

Anyway, I guess this is my long way of saying good morning. Good morning.