What’s Up With Me

I feel pretty crappy today, so bear with me. I feel kinda like I have a hangover, without any of the fun of the night before. It’s very odd, actually.

The dance recital Saturday night was a success. My daughter did great and I didn’t stop smiling the entire show. All of the different age groups performed very well. Yes, there was a strange dust that mysteriously kicked up in the auditorium, messing with my *ahem* allergies and making my eyes water. I’m a softie, I know.

I have my last hockey game of the season to play in Thursday night. I hit my personal goal of scoring 10 goals this season, and have actually passed it with 13 goals, which those of you that follow me on Twitter probably know already. This has been my most enjoyable season thus far, I think, in the 10 years I have played. It helps we have a pretty good mix of guys on the team and have actually won a few games.

This weekend is another big event, my daughter’s birthday party. We’re having it at our house, which is a bit of extra stress, but I think it will be fun. This is the first year she’ll have friends at her party, kids from her pre-school. Should be a good time.

Okay, back to trying to not get sick.