Slaying a Dragon

Last Friday I quit coffee cold turkey. For the past month or so I noticed that my heart was racing quite a bit at work and I was almost certain it was because of the amount of coffee I was drinking at work. So I figured I’d just stop drinking coffee and see what happened.

The whole reason I started drinking coffee in the first place was because of the birth of my kids in 2006 and 2009. It is quite a challenge to come to work every day when I’m not well rested, especially when a baby is waking me up every two hours. Caffeine certainly helps with that. It also sends my blood pressure through the roof.

Kid number one sleeps through the night nowadays. Kid number two doesn’t, but he only wake up once or twice. Not perfect, but not terrible. Plus, having gone through kid number one, I’ve conditioned my body to be able to function on less sleep.

So far it has worked out pretty well. Not terrible headaches and I haven’t fallen asleep at my desk. I can’t say I even miss coffee. I have switched back to my pre-coffee days with decaf tea. Maybe someday I’ll switch that to water. Not this day, however. One dragon at a time.