The Doctor Is Not Cheap

Doctor Who – Parry Gripp

I’m cheap. Not “you’re not getting a birthday or Christmas gift” cheap, but I don’t like to spend more than I have to cheap. This has evolved slowly, pretty much since my daughter was born and we went from two incomes to one and yet added mouths to feed to the household. I just try not to spend more than I need to on things, particularly ongoing or monthly fees. This is why I don’t have a smartphone and also why I don’t have the most robust cable subscription.

This is why up until last Sunday I had not seen any of the new Doctor Who even though it has been playing on BBC America since early April. You see, I don’t get BBC America. I would have to spend $20+ a month just to get the cable package that includes that channel. I considered it, don’t get me wrong. In the end though, it was just too much.

Well sometimes lady fortune, she doth smile on me. A few weeks back, Comcast sent out letters stating they were upgrading everybody to digital and basically you could go along with it or only get 5 channels. They were sending everybody free converter boxes and the monthly feel was not changing so I went along with it. I was pleasantly surprised when I started to get a few extra channels including Versus (which allowed me to watch the abbreviated playoff run of the Penguins). I also got a magical button on my new remote labeled On Demand. Curious.

I find out right away I could use On Demand and get some kids shows for free. The daughter liked that. Well, surfing around last Sunday I discovered something even better. BBC America. On Demand. The new Doctor Who. Sweet!

I don’t know how many of you are Doctor Who fans. I know Diane is for sure. The rest of you should really give it a try too. It’s the one show my wife and I always make a point to watch together, although she’s usually the one curled up in a ball in crawling up the couch at the suspense of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The video at the top of this post is about Doctor Who and is by a musician by the name of Parry Gripp. He used to/is in a band named Nerf Herder who by the way did the theme song for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like Parry Gripp a lot.


7 thoughts on “The Doctor Is Not Cheap

  1. You and I sound like we are very much alike. Except I have a smartphone. You know – I dial and number and it connects me to a person. That’s smart, right? I mean, isn’t that what a phone is supposed to do??

    I may have to check out Dr. Who…

  2. I hate the way they set up cable packages. Because yeah, NFL network, Noggin, and HGTV (although THAT combination might be ok) belong in the same package . . . right . . . They just want people to buy multiple packages to get the channels they want. It’s why we went with satellite. Less confusion. Although I am foaming at the mouth waiting for them to hook up the fiber in our neighborhood. I’ll have real HD channels! For the same price I’m paying now. Oh, and I make bread. And granola bars. Um, and diapers. Yeah, I’m cheap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m so glad you can finally watch it! Have you seen the ‘Weeping Angels’ yet? If not you have a treat in store…
    and you are not cheap, just careful and looking after your family.
    What else do you get on BBC America?

    I love that video! Brings back lots of memories – and ends with lovely Matt Smith – I’m liking him a lot.

    • I’ve only seen episode 1 so far, thanks to a little boy that didn’t want to go to bed until 10:00 last night.

      I’m not sure what else I get on BBC America On Demand. I forgot all else when I saw Doctor Who.

      I’m looking forward to the Weeping Angels episode very much. Also, I’m liking Matt Smith a lot.

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