Ear Worm

As I have mentioned here before, I think, I have XM Radio. Listen to it every day. Love it. Can’t drive to work without it. I’m a big fan of satellite radio (although I wish the two stations hadn’t merged because monopolies are nobody’s friend).

I mostly listen to the punk rock station, the classic rock station, the comedy stations, and some NPR. But sometimes, my friends I’m weak. I stray. Sometimes I even *gasp* switch on one of the pop music stations. I’m only human. And sometimes I hear a song so terrible, and so catchy, that it gets stuck in my brain. This is rarely a good thing.

Have you heard that song Your Love is My Drug by somebody called Ke$ha. It has absolutely dreadful lyrics, and terrible synthetic sounds. It also has a pretty good beat and, heaven help me, is stuck in my brain forever. Here it is, though if you’ve never heard it I recommend you keep it that way:

Terrible, right? I think I need an intervention to get it out of my system. Maybe listen to Hendrix for 24 hours straight or something. That would work, I think.

Also, I’m most likely 100 years behind the times on this song. In my defense, I am Internet-Old and also, I normally don’t listen to this type of music.