Ear Worm

As I have mentioned here before, I think, I have XM Radio. Listen to it every day. Love it. Can’t drive to work without it. I’m a big fan of satellite radio (although I wish the two stations hadn’t merged because monopolies are nobody’s friend).

I mostly listen to the punk rock station, the classic rock station, the comedy stations, and some NPR. But sometimes, my friends I’m weak. I stray. Sometimes I even *gasp* switch on one of the pop music stations. I’m only human. And sometimes I hear a song so terrible, and so catchy, that it gets stuck in my brain. This is rarely a good thing.

Have you heard that song Your Love is My Drug by somebody called Ke$ha. It has absolutely dreadful lyrics, and terrible synthetic sounds. It also has a pretty good beat and, heaven help me, is stuck in my brain forever. Here it is, though if you’ve never heard it I recommend you keep it that way:

Terrible, right? I think I need an intervention to get it out of my system. Maybe listen to Hendrix for 24 hours straight or something. That would work, I think.

Also, I’m most likely 100 years behind the times on this song. In my defense, I am Internet-Old and also, I normally don’t listen to this type of music.

9 thoughts on “Ear Worm

  1. feel your pain. to wit, while i hate to bring up hockey to you with the pens’ playoff demise, that damn blackhawks goal song is going on and on and on in my head:


    or even worse, the blackhawks fight song:


    just listen to these a couple of times and kei$shite or whoever she is will be expurgated from the recesses of your brain.

    both these songs are driving me insane. and i’m a hawks fan, at that.

    • I’m cheering for the Blackhawks. I can’t stand the Flyers.

      That goal song is bad, I give you that. More to the point, I think the loud annoying goal horn should be eliminated from all arenas. Hate. It.

  2. I haven’t heard the song and will not listen. I love my satellite radio and listen to the metal station, the 80’s hair band station, radio Margaritaville, NPR and the comedy stations. I once (yes, only once) flipped on a pop station by TOTAL ACCIDENT and I felt like my ears were violated.

    I haven’t been back since. And I have no idea who Ke$ha is. She really spells her name with a dollar sign? Huh.

    • This song is stuck in my head along with image of the line of men marching along the road and I want to bash the oil drums like these guys. But I don’t mind because I absolutely love it. 🙂

  3. Oh, Zeus. I am in the same boat. Here, have an oar; maybe we can paddle our way out of this ear worm.

    That actually is pop music. My oldest kid and all of her friends listen to this stuff and some of the lyrics are innocuous and some of them. Oh Lordy.

    Anyhow, I *frequently* wake up in the morning to the hook banging around in my head (I swear it’s the first thought in my head some mornings):

    … your love, your love, your love, is my drug
    Your love your love your love

    Ad. Nauseam.

    I do like the hook of Tick Tock, though. I don’t like the rest of that song, but I do like that hook.

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