Return of the Mack

Sorry I was gone for a few days. I was attending a Web Conference. Although I didn’t really have to travel for it, it took most of my time and allowed now time for blogging.

The conference was great. It’s really nice being around a bunch of like minded web professionals for a few days with the common purpose of sharing and taking in ideas.  It’s very heartening to hear about all of the cool things and progressive ideas other web developers are doing around campus.  I don’t always have that feeling in my office.

So last week I introduced some of you to the terrible Ke$ha. This week, I think you should check out the Parry Gripp Song of the Week page. (This is Parry Gripp of Nerf Herder fame – they did the theme song to Buffy among other things) There’s some awesome, funny songs there. I particularly like Doctor Who and Bieber Eating A Twiglet.

Sorry for the short post here. I’m still getting back in the routine here.

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