Writing Drought

You know how you can see a word and just know what it is, based on what it looks like? This is how we read isn’t it? It’s not as if every time we see the word “book” we have to sound it out. We just see the word, and know what it is. Anyhow, that never works for me with the word “draught”. Which brings me to the word drought, which is quite similar to the word draught.

I’m having a bit of a drought in my writing lately, which is why I haven’t been talking about writing much. I haven’t done any writing for several months. I’m not sure exactly why I haven’t written anything, but I have theories.

For a while I was sick, and I felt like I couldn’t write because I have trouble connecting thoughts when I’m sick. Then the kid wasn’t sleeping well and I felt too tired to write. Then it was the Stanley Cup playoffs, and I was watching that instead of writing. Then we were planning our daughter’s birthday party. Then it was Doctor Who, then the new Mario game, etc.

Another thing holding me back is my desire to write a novel. How is this holding me back? Well, I get a story idea which excites me at first. Then, I start brainstorming and tell myself that the idea is no good for a novel length story. Then I abandon the idea.

I’m not really proud of the above, to be perfectly honest with you. Almost everything I’ve said above is self inflicted. I certainly don’t have to watch television at night, not do I have to give up on my ideas so easily. But really, what I need to do is just sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and just write. I know I can do this. Wish me luck!