I Feel Melty

So, we’ve had 90+ degree weather here for the last week. My lawn is slowly turning to dust, the flowers now require twice a day watering (just to maintain their nearly dead status), and our sleeping arrangements have been…altered. This has made evening writing for me nearly impossible.

Because of the heat, the kids and my wife have been sleeping in the downstairs of the house with the in-window air conditioner there and I’ve been sleeping in my room with the air conditioner there. It has been interesting. I’ve felt a little like a bachelor, sleeping up there alone. The only real perk of that, though, is I can spread out as much as I want on the bed and nobody will yell at me.

Since I’ve had no TV at night and the computer is downstairs, I’ve been reading a bunch of Scott Pilgrim in anticipation of the movie in September. Such a fun read. The only bad thing about reading these graphic novels is the more I read, the closer I get to the end. There are only 6 volumes (well, the 6th comes out in a few weeks), so I almost feel bad reading them because I don’t want it to be over. I’m sure you’ve all felt the same way about a book.

My hope for tonight is that it’s a little cooler and that I get some computer time to do some writing. That would be peachy.