A Whole New Appreciation

My wife is my hero. I have discovered this in the past few days I’ve been home on vacation with her and the kids. I also have a new understanding why she falls asleep at 9:00 every night while I come home from work and have plenty of energy.

I already knew from other times I’ve stayed at home that being a stay-at-home mother is one of the most difficult jobs around. But these three days I have witnessed it first hand. Let’s just say I only made it halfway through day one and I had to take a nap.

Now, our daughter is 4 years old now. It wouldn’t be too bad if you just take her into account. But then you throw in the 1 year old daredevil crazy person. Little T-Mike had been exploring his surroundings lately, to put it lightly. In other words, I’m still not sold it was a smart idea of ours to teach him to walk.

T Mike is at the stage where you turn your head for one second, and he’s on the top of the love seat. Or, he’s climbing on the dinner table. Or falling off the dinner table. Or, he’s eating something he shouldn’t eat, possibly even the keys he’s pulled off the computer keyboard. When he’s not exploring, he’s wrecking whatever cute game his sister had set up for herself. Oh, and he loves to feign a hug and dig his four teeth into our flesh.

The kid takes an hour nap a day. The rest of the time is just trying to keep up. Throw in preparing breakfast and lunch, cleaning up from the meals, and taking the kids out of the house for playtime, and general sanity, I really don’t know how my wife does it. What I do know is I’m going to think twice the next time I tell her what a rough day I’ve had. Chances are, she’s lived three lives in the same amount of time.

13 thoughts on “A Whole New Appreciation

  1. Good post….don’t procrastinate and finish your book. I like your clear, concise, and specific things you list explaining what and why you believe your wife has a much tougher day than you could ever have. Keep writing.

  2. You are a good, good man and wise beyond your years. Never forget this lesson, grasshopper.

    And is T’s middle name Michael? If so, he shares an exact name with my 23-year-old brother.

  3. And this is why you are my favorite male blogger! 🙂

    Thanks for appreciating your wife. All of us moms love you for it.

    Seriously, I’ve felt like I’ve been dragged behind a semi-truck and backed over a few times most days. I have three kids and sometimes it feels like I have a dozen.

    On the other hand, my guess is no one runs and throws their arms around your legs and kisses you at work, either. 🙂 We do have some benefits no paycheck could match.

    • Me too! Me too! I’m in the I ❤ struggling writer camp, too. Gotta say I think you're the only male blogger I read. That's wild; I never realized that.

      Hey! You're in a class of your own. Well done, Zeus.

      Oy the climbing of a one-year-old. So glad we're past that. It's a hard stage to live through.

  4. 🙂

    That is a tough stage. With the second, it’s even worse because your attention’s already divided. You know, the ratio of extra work when adding a second kid to the mix doesn’t actually double, it grows exponentially. The math is WAY off on that one!

  5. Thanks for recognizing your wife’s difficult job. My sister’s D-bag hubs still tells people she has no job and acts like all her time is time off, yet he has never in his life watched his own kids alone. He dumps them at his moms! ~Grr~ Glad your lady has a man who appreciates her!

  6. I know exactly what you are saying. My two are 4 and 3. Every day is like the armageddon. I have no clue how my wife does it. Generally, I have to come to work to relax. 🙂 Someday, when i am a super-successful writer, I’ll get her a half-dozen nannies.

  7. like Lynn Fisher said – too bad, you are not free anymore 😉
    just kidding!!!!

    i loved the post all the way!

    once our little daughter ate a dead fly she found under the radiator, and yes, it was before i started my regular vacuum cleaning of the rooms.

    good luck with the little baby one. and don1t give up – little explorers may turn out to be great explorers 🙂

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