Return of the Mack

We just returned from a weekend trip to Rhode Island for my wife’s family reunion and a trip to Salty Brine State Park/Beach. We arrive home this morning around 2 AM and T Mike had me up at 6:00 AM. I drove the entire trip because I feel sick when I’m the passenger. So I’m a bit tired today. This will therefore be a short post.

My next post will most likely be about the GPS I bought and how it makes driving my much like a video game for me. I mean the “estimated arrival time” is like the Top Score to beat and the little car on the screen is like the car from Pole Position. And the kids in the back seat are the lack of quarters in my pocket.


3 thoughts on “Return of the Mack

  1. I know what you mean about the estimated arrival time. On the tollway heading to Chicago, there are signs above the road that will tell you how long it will take to get downtown Chicago from a certain point. Whenever I see one, I do my best to beat the time. It’s my own private race.

  2. When you put it that way, having a GPS sounds like fun! I don’t have one and I can’t see one in my future. It seems like it would be distracting while driving.

    Like watching TV while trying to drive. Does it speak, can you use it just by listening?

    • p.s. Does it work in real time? I mean, if it sent you somewhere and now there’s construction limiting you to one lane does it tell you about that and provide an alternate route?

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