Flash Fiction – To Have It All

Well, this is my entry for the contest going on over at The Clarity of Night. I turned this in a minute or so before the deadline. Just in time, as they say.

This one is a bit different than most of my other writing. I’m not really sure how good it is, to be honest with you. In other words, this one is less on the silly side and more on the serious side. I tried to get all writerly with it.

Anyhow, here it is. I’d love to hear what you think.

To Have It All

Greed was his poison, folly his chalice. It clouded his judgment and blackened his heart. And it was worth it.

Ras knew it was madness to trust pirates, be they the eye patch variety or their machine gun toting, 20/20 eyesight contemporaries. Yet he sailed with them nevertheless.

As they tightened the ropes on his wrists and ankles, he could have avoided this fate. He needed provide the location of the gem. And yet, even as their boats disappeared, he did not call out to save himself. It would not let him. It would not be shared, no matter the cost.

The restraints had been easy. Thanks to the poor quality knotsmanship of modern day piracy Ras had worked himself free from his restraints in less than a day’s time. Soon after Ras had extracted his treasure from its unmarked spot in the sand.

In my hand I possess more wealth than all of the kings throughout history have ever dreamed,” he said, his cackles muted by the vulture songs. The land and sea remained silent.

“Did you not hear me?” he said, holding his hand in the air. “With this, I could bathe in the most expensive wines in the world. I could dine on only the finest dishes for my lifetime and four, and never grow hungry.”

Ras failed to see another moon. His body receded over time into the sand. A stone remained where his stomach had been, worthless and rare, nourishment to none.


22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – To Have It All

  1. did you make it to the final 40’s club or not?
    i didn’t see your name among the contestants, neither I did mine – does it mean we are out?
    i’m night owl 140…

  2. as for the piece:
    this Ras is a realistic character, and he deserves his fate – although it’s really, really cruel, as suggested by little clues here and there.
    i wonder about his motives.
    is he a sort of a Gollam-like creature?
    he hasn’t got the slightest chance to survive… why did he do this?
    apart from that, i enjoyed our piece.

  3. hey Paul, thanks for your kind words.
    your words in your ps depict just exactly how i feel these moments.

    but you know what, about the song w/lyrics?
    i’ve got the lyrics and now it’s your turn to make the music.
    i’m serious.
    i can’t play any instrument, that has to be yours, but you should incorporate a singing voice as well, for i can sing, consider me an alto.

  4. but what about the song?
    or writing a story about writing a song?
    or writing a story about a busy full-time working father-of-two trying to cooperate with a busy, working from home mom-of-two to write a song while living at the two sides of the same ocean?

  5. i liked Aerin’s piece a lot, lot more.

    the winning entry is absolutely not my cup of tea.
    in fact, i rather disliked it.
    but that’s my problem, sorry for the rant.

  6. Dude! I love this!

    And mine didn’t make the cut, either. I was brutally disappointed :(.

    I loved the winning entry, though. It cut right through me and stuck for days, so I guess I’m in the minority here. Also loved Aerin’s. My top 5 this time had more crossover with Jason’s than usual.

    Cheers, dears!

  7. c’mon Paul – let me give you a hug.
    you know what i’m doing?
    good classicals of the late 19th century. the writer is called Jókai, an extremely prolific writer. lots of action, twists all the way, romance, great scenery, the setting sometimes is exotic (the one i’m reading now is set in the remote hills of the Causasus mountains with lots of ancient tribes… the one i’ve read before was set on Jókai’s own time in a countryside and in a city.)

    i’m just relaxing and collecting information.
    listening and reading.

    you have the muse in your veins and she will find you again.

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