A few of you read my story I posted here last week. Thank you for that. I was a bit bummed at first that I didn’t even make the top 80 or so, but I’ve shrugged it off. Just have to keep trying. What else is there to do, anyhow?

I was going to post about a brilliant new song by Jonathan Coulton I’ve come across called The Princess Saved Herself, but I haven’t been able to track it down on the web yet, so I’ll wait. Just know that it is a great song. Those of you that have kids and listed to “Kids Place Live” on XM Radio may have heard it.

I came across some more good music today. This one is called Gravity and is by a singer/songwriter named Laura Veirs. I did it a lot. The video is a little weird, but that’s a good thing, right?

Not much else is new. Enjoyed the season finale of Doctor Who very much. Matt Smith is my new favorite Doctor, I think. Karen Gillan is pretty great too.

One thought on “Gravity

  1. Nice song, strange video!

    I love Matt Smith and yes, he is my favourite Doctor too. I find Karen Gillan a bit irritating though, I liked lots of his old sidekicks better – Martha, Rose and Donna. I do like River Song though…

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