On Looking Up

I was reminded today of something I no doubt have known for some time, but have forgotten in the age of twitters, and facebooks, and Super Marios. Our planet is absolutely beautiful, and it wouldn’t hurt us at all if we took a moment to just look up at the sky from time to time. Wearing sunglasses of course.

Most work days, I eat my lunch at my desk and surf the web. Not a bad time really, but not healthy or a good use of that time. I used to eat and then sit outside and read, but it has just been too hot, to be honest. It’s no fun wearing a sweaty shirt and tie the rest of today.

The weather has been turning, though. It has even been bearable, some of the time. It was sunny and less than 80 degrees at noon today. Perfect reading weather. And so, I grabbed my copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and headed to a bench behind my building.

As the bells rang, telling me it was time to head back in, I took just a moment to look into the sky. It looked not unlike the photograph at the top of this post. A few of the clouds were darker, I suppose, but it was pretty close. I just sat there for a moment, took a breath, and remarked just how close those puffy clouds appeared. Like if I could just climb to the top of the building, stand on my tip-toes, and grab one.

I wonder what a cloud would feel like, in one’s hand. Most likely wet, right? Probably dissolve in your hand like the mist from a humidifier. I doubt it would feel like a soft cotton swab, or a cool cotton pillow, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?

Anyway, why don’t you do this for me. Take a moment today, as you’re shuffling from place to place, stop, and take a peek at the sky. Wouldn’t you like to jump up and give it a little nudge?