The Glow

We had a pretty excellent weekend, thanks for asking. It included a close friend’s wedding which was very close to the town we all grew up and also a game of catch with my Dad. It also included a pretty nice visit with my rejuvenated Grandfather, who is 92 and getting over the effects of chemotherapy. It was really nice to see him close to being his old self (no pun intended).

We brought the kids with us to the wedding on Saturday, because our daughter really likes weddings. None of my friends brought their kids, though, so they got to be all relaxed while we chased our little ones on the dance floor. I regretted bringing them, but only for a little bit. Mostly, I was glad they were there. Plus, having the kids there means I didn’t drink very much, which means no hangover the next day. Yay!

Something else pretty cool other than not feeling sick all day Sunday was that the Pastor that performed the wedding was the same Pastor that performed our wedding nearly 7 years ago. That was totally unexpected and yet really cool. I was really glad we had the kids with us too because they were able to meet him. In fact, at the end of the night he requested to take a photo of my wife and I and our kids.

Even cooler was when he said that even after 7 years, what still stood out about our wedding was the way my wife was glowing with happiness that day. She simply floated the entire time. Now, we definitely have our moments, especially when we are sleep deprived by the kids, but I’d like to think that glow is still there. It is my goal, in fact, to bring it back even stronger.