Epic Ending

When I last left you, my local arcade was being closed down and I didn’t get any of the games at the auction. My kids would grow up, never knowing what it was like to play an arcade game. Let’s flash forward to earlier this year, around July. That sounds about right.

It started when I watched the documentary, The King of Kong. I hadn’t seen the movie before, but decided to check it out on netflix. The tale of good versus evil, or Wiebe versus Mitchell drew me in from the start. Plus, Wiebe had an arcade machine in his garage.

After watching the movie, I started browsing eBay, just to see what was out there in the way of arcade machines. I limited my search to within 150 miles of my house, as these things cost hundreds of dollars to ship. Anyhow, there were a few near me and I even bid on one or two, but never won. It seemed like the dream wouldn’t happen.

Just last week, I hopped onto craigslist, just to see what was out there. To my surprise there was a Donkey Kong Junior, only $350, and less than two hours away. I sent an email to the guy expecting it to be gone already. To my surprise, it was still there.

Having cleared it with my wife, my Dad and I went this past Sunday to pick up my game. It’s in need of a bit of work (much cosmetic work), but it works fine. My son and daughter both love it, although my daughter is a bit disappointed that Mario is a bad guy in this game. I told her that Donkey Kong and Mario were just pretending to be mad at each other.

So yeah, I’m pretty excited I have this game sitting there in my dining room (have I mentioned my wife is a saint?), and one dream fulfilled. Maybe Playland is gone, but the memory remains.