Kermit and Such

You may have seen this or you may not. I’m posting it here, just in case you haven’t. It’s an out of work/homeless guy, two Kermit puppets, and “Under Pressure” by Queen. It is awesome.

People are hurting out there, for sure. So many are out of jobs, and we aren’t creating jobs fast enough. Not much to say about that except that I wish multi-national “American” corporations such as Nike would start manufacturing things in the USA again. Picture your town with a brand new Nike shoe factory. Think that would help things a bit?

We had a guest pastor at church yesterday. He gives the sermon a few times a year. I wish he was our regular pastor, because his approach just hits me the right way from an emotional and intellectual point of view. He told us that for every three dollars our church spends on helping others, we spend seven on infrastructure/operating costs of the church. It was his hope that someday it would be 1/1 or even 7/3 in the other direction. I totally agree, although I’m sure that ruffled a few feathers in the pews.

On a totally unrelated note, I came across a book today called Zombie Felties. I must acquire this book. It is awesome.


5 thoughts on “Kermit and Such

  1. the video was a moving one.
    and your guest pastor is right about the ratio – it should be like 1:1.
    i don’t know if churches are supported by the state or not… those church people working for other people also need a home and food etc.

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