Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

You may have noticed that I pinned my little Halloween short story Frank to the top of the blog. Most of you have probably read it, but I figured I’d post it there for the newbies. It’s probably my most successful story, as I’ve received e-mails in the past from teacher’s who have read my story in their classes, and have taught using the story. So very cool.

This weekend was a blur. We knew that going in, so I guess that helped. Saturday morning T-Mike (now 19 months) woke me up at 5:40. This was okay because I had to be up anyhow  to be at my hockey game by 6:15 AM. Of course I drove to my game only to find out we didn’t have a game scheduled this week. This would’ve bothered me from five years ago very much, but since I would’ve been awake anyhow I shrugged it off.

At 10:45 we took the daughter to soccer. After that we drove to my sister-in-law’s house near Philly for a day trip. It was great to visit, but I was beat when we made it back home at 10:45 Saturday night. I didn’t even get to play any Donkey Kong Jr.

Sunday we drove an hour in the opposite direction to have lunch with family, to see my aunt and uncle who were up visiting from South Carolina, and to celebrate birthdays (my baby sister’s 30th and my grandfather’s 93rd, amongst others). It was great seeing everybody, but again I was tired.

On the way home we stopped at Lowes, trying our luck with two tired kids who had been great all weekend. It was a fail, although we did manage to buy an entry door for the back of our house, something we’ve needed for eight years. Eventually we made it home, made dinner, and got the kids to bed.

So yeah, I could use a weekend to recover from my weekend. Luckily, we’re having another one (a weekend) in five days, right?


10 thoughts on “Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

  1. LOL! Most weekends are like that for me too. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday when I can send everyone to school and work and burrow in my couch with my laptop to write all day.

    Still, sounds productive, and like you had some great family time. 🙂 (I still would’ve been ticked about the game though!)

  2. That’s the worse when you need another weekend to recover from the previous weekend. Oy, we have one of those coming up this weekend.

    Five hour drive north on Friday morning for a wedding on Saturday and then a five hour drive south on Sunday for school on Monday morning. Booyah.

  3. Weekends always go away in a blur. No time to relax with the children. I just had a three-day weekend with the Canadian Thanksgiving and it’s like it’s never been… Maybe that should make us try to appreciate more the other five days of the week and not just hurry them away waiting for the weekend.

    It’s wonderful what you’re saying about your Halloween story. Teachers using it in class -wow! 🙂

  4. ‘Frank’ is a great story – glad it has been successful for you.

    Traveling is always exhausting – I long for the days when we can just say ‘Beam Me Up’ (although I would worry about being put back together in the right order…)

  5. for sundays, we have cousins coming over from budapest (from my husband’s side). it’s usually three girls and a grandmother – it is tiresome sometimes.
    actually, i love mondays :))))

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