Moleskine Pac Man

I have mentioned here in the past my obsession with Moleskine notebooks (and also how I have trouble writing in them for fear of sullying them). Well, they have announced a couple special edition versions of their notebooks that I’m pretty much required by law to purchase.

The first is the Pac-Man collection, for which you can see the little video above. Pretty sweet, huh?

Second, and even better, is the Peanuts collection. I’ve already requested one of these for a Christmas gift.

Will I have the courage to write in it? That I’m not sure.

7 thoughts on “Moleskine Pac Man

  1. i too, sometimes refuse to write anything at all into a beautiful notebook. as if i was destroying its purity/beauty…
    that’s one of the reasons i type instead of writing.
    and if i am to have a paper-based writing i use ordinary, cheap-looking exercise books. the one they use in school, the cheapest kind.
    this pacman video does look cool.

  2. You are hilarious, Paul! I don’t get the moleskin thing, although truthfully I think I only first heard about them when you blogged about your love for them, and since then, I keep hearing about them. I think I saw one once and picked it up and saw how much it cost and put it down.

    On the other hand, I do love a great pen, and if it felt just right on a piece of moleskin paper, I’d be tempted. Still… it would have to be something good to write.

    Maybe I should pick one up for my first grad lecture! 🙂

    • They are probably a bit overrated, but they are a nice solid notebook. I especially like the pocket in the back.

      For the lecture, you should just get one of those .99 Mead Composition notebooks. Save the moleskine for your next novel 🙂

  3. Okay, that Pacman commercial is bitchin’ in the best possible way. Not a huge fan o’ Pacman but I love that commercial.

    Now onto Peanuts. Oh, the Snoopy one is a must-have at $13.57. However, I fear I am in the same boat as you. I would never write in it since I would not feel my words were worthy.

    It’s still awesome though.

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