Much Happening

We had a busy, but great, weekend.

Saturday we visited the local “Haunted Granary” during the day. This is the second year they had a kid’s day at the old Granary, and my daughter and son had a pretty good time there, I think. They were able to go walk through the granary and have their faces painted, without any of the scary stuff that goes on during the real event at night. I was okay with not doing the night time “Haunted Granary”, although I miss the witches’ funny banter at the end. They used to always make fun of my earrings, which is fun.

Sunday we attended a party at my daughter’s “best friend”‘s house, and the kids and adults had a great time. My daughter even did her first “bobbing for apples” and got an apple on her first try, although with a controversial move of grabbing the apple by the stem. The rules committee allowed it, though, and she won a witches hat. She wore that hat the rest of the day.

During dinner, she was already planning our “family costumes” for next year. Apparently we are going to be ghosts. Each of us gets to pick out a fabric for our costume from JoAnn Fabrics (guess where we went shopping on Saturday). She was nice enough to tell her brother that he can even pick out his own fabric, but he can’t change his mind after we get home. Too much.

My evenings were spent enjoying playing my Donkey Kong Junior. I’m steadily getting better at it, but let’s just say I’m not challenging any records yet. I’m still having a lot of fun playing this 28 year old game, though, and still slightly shocked I have a real arcade game.


2 thoughts on “Much Happening

  1. don’t mind about the lack of plot, Paul.
    we might even share one.
    or work out something together.
    i write mine in my language, you in yours, so we don’t compete at all.
    if you still have my email address (unfortunately i don’t have yours) AND see a point in my idea, please contact me.

    ps: i’d like to let you know that finishing is not my primary goal in life this november. i will give it a strong and definite try; and will do my best, but will not do ANYthing to have my 50,000 characters at the end.

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