My Daughter The Writer

My daughter, four years old, is a writer. In fact, she has been, at least recently anyway, much more prolific a writer than I am. Let me explain.

My daughter can’t write on her own, at least not yet. She does know how to write all of her letters and does know a few words such as “The End” which she likes to end all of her stories with. For the rest, she’ll ask my wife and I and we’ll tell her letter by letter.

So there she’ll sit at her little “Penn State” table, pencil in the left hand and paper in front. Then the craft begins. Our dialogue is as such:

Her: How do you spell “scary”
Me: S
Her: What’s the next letter after s?
Me: c

…and so on. I’m usually half listening, to be honest, as I’m usually cooking, tidying up from a meal, or playing *ahem* Donkey Kong Junior while she is writing. The fun part is when she’s finished with a story. Her little stories are pretty good.

The one that got me this weekend was a story about witches. She had an entire story about these witches, which also included Halloween, spooky, and pumpkins, I think. The interesting part was a second sheet of paper she had, which contained only the following:

The Scary Parts

She later explained to me that she had written a scary story, and the story included scary parts, but she didn’t write them down because they were too scary. In their place was the placeholder sheet, which I just mentioned. Too funny.

So yeah, my girl is a writer. I just hope she remembers me when she’s famous. I also hope she someday lets me know what was included in the scary parts, just not before bedtime. Because that would be too scary.