First, an animated short called Pixels. This is quite indicative of what’s going on in my brain most days. Also, did I mention I beat my high score in Donkey Kong Junior last night? No? Well, I did. I won’t tell you what it is, though, because it isn’t very high. Yet. Man, that’s a tough game.

Almost done with that little short story/flash fiction I’m writing. Would be done sooner, but most of my time was spent helping my wife get ready for an early Thanksgiving party my wife had for my daughter and her friends (we had popcorn and watched Peanuts Thanksgiving – remember Snoopy made toast and popcorn for Thanksgiving meal).

In preparation, we painted the living room and dining room of our house (and we painted the dining room twice because we didn’t like the first color). We also had a new door installed in our kitchen. The place is actually starting to look like a home. And we’ve only been there seven years!

So yeah, that’s things. Anyhow, hope you liked the video.


4 thoughts on “Pixels

  1. painting is definitely fun.
    congrats on being strong and brave enough to paint it twice to have just the right color.

    and guess what: my husband has managed to fix the door with spare parts – so we don’t have to buy extra parts straight from the shop.
    he always keeps pieces of metals here and there, and has a gift at fixing things.
    the bottom line: it saves us money.

    congrats on the high point – whatever that height might be, bwah-hah-hah.


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