Original Work Of Art

Okay. By popular demand, here’s the “Run Turkey & Dinosaurs!” drawing my daughter made and I wrote about it my previous post.

A few things here. First, she’s 4 years old. I think she did a pretty good job with her letters. She needs to work on her ampersand, but I have trouble making those, so I think we’ll let her slide.

Second, I love the smile on the turkey’s face. Although it quite possibly is in mortal danger due to the tiny volcano, the turkey remains upbeat. I like that.

The dinosaurs look pretty happy too, even though real estate was obviously so expensive they had to live beside a tiny, yet live, volcano.

Anyhow, I love this picture she made. She’s obviously very creative and is already showing signs of being a pretty good artist (she drew a butterfly the other day that is better than something I could draw). I’m going to just keep feeding this creativity and just stay out of the way and enjoy what she produces.


9 thoughts on “Original Work Of Art

  1. lovely turkey – and what a fun one can draw by simply copying one’s hand. i never would have thought of drawing a turkey out of the outline of my hands, i say, this is clever!

    on the second note i demand to see that particular butterfly. right now.

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