Day in the Liff

Yesterday, I stayed home from work because my wife wasn’t feeling well. I have to say it was a pretty good, yet eventful, day.

The surprising part of the day was how long our daughter slept in. She finally awoke at 8:30, I believe, which is just shocking from the girl who I swear didn’t sleep through the night a single time for the first two years of her life. But there she was, walking down the stairs at 8:30 AM, her hair curly and cute, and a big smile on her face. Her locks even seemed a bit longer, somehow, as if even her follicles enjoyed the rest. Perhaps I should try that sometime.

I was sure she had slept long because she was sick, but thankfully she’s feeling great. So we did the whole breakfast thing, my wife and I got showers, we ate lunch, and then I drove my daughter to pre-school. I brought the son with me because he really wanted to tag along and also because he falls asleep in the car. That’s how we get him down for his daily nap (yep, I said daily – he only takes one nap a day).

After driving around for a bit, he finally fell asleep and I got him into his crib. Whew, I thought. Time for some me time. Time to play Donkey Kong Junior.

Well, the universe and the plug said no to me time. I put the plug in the wall and boom!, the thing sparked. Put a nice little smoke mark on my hand and on the side of the game (both easily washed off). I’m not sure what actually caused it, but I reinstalled the plug, just in case. Thank God for the circuit breaker in the basement.

As I was installing the plug, the son woke from his nap, of course, so I had to do the rest of that repair while he played with the keys to the coin door of the game. He loves keys. He could entertain himself with keys for hours.

After that it was off to pick her up at pre-school and then take her to dance. This little dance (he he he) that my wife does every Tuesday is much harder than what I had to do, as she does it with the two kids and no help. At least yesterday, one of us could watch the boy while the other got the girl ready in her dance outfit.

I had a good time waiting for her in the dance studio. Although us parents aren’t allowed to watch them practice, I was able to take in the music of the place, and also the encouragements the dancers received.

Not much else happened once we were home from dance, other than the usual struggles of nighttime baths and such. It should be mentioned that my wife made an awesome ratatouille dish for dinner. And wouldn’t you know that very night Disney was playing the movie Ratatouille. I swear we didn’t plan this. We’re parents, we don’t have time to plan.

Overall, it was a nice day. It was also nice to go to work today!


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