Bear with me. This post will eventually tie in to writing. I promise.

In September I bought a Donkey Kong Junior arcade machine that I found on craigslist. When my Dad and I went to pick it up, it wasn’t in quite the condition I had hoped. Over these past few months I’ve been slowly fixing it up and have it looking pretty decent. The thing that bothered me the most, and the thing that I had the most trouble fixing was the sound. There was none. And no matter what I tried, I couldn’t fix it.

In December I bought some party online in order to do some soldering on the sound amplifier. This is what everybody was telling me my problem was. Unfortunately I had never soldered before and was nervous to even attempt to fix it. I even considered buying a replacement board and not even giving it a try. Before Christmas, however, I had some free time, got up the nerve, and did the soldering. As far as I knew I attached everything correctly. I plugged it back into the game and nothing happened.

I didn’t touch the game the rest of December or the first week of January. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it. Last weekend, however, we were having friends over and I knew they would want to give the game a try. So, I pulled out the amp again and looked at it, hoping to find something obviously wrong with it, but not expecting to find anything. Sure enough I did find one small part that looked loose. I hadn’t soldered it very well. Perhaps this was my problem.

And so, I soldered this bit again and popped it back into the game. Again, I didn’t expect anything. To my surprise it worked! Check out the short clip below. This is my proof!

If I hadn’t persevered and instead bought a new part I would’ve failed in a few ways. First, I would’ve wasted money on a new part. Second, I would’ve been wasting a perfectly good part (the one I fixed). Third, I wouldn’t have gotten this huge feeling of satisfaction knowing I actually fixed something. I earned the soldering merit badge!

On to writing. I had my monthly writing critique group meeting on Monday. It was such a good meeting and I always get a huge boost of creativity from these get-togethers. After the meeting I decided to take a look at a novel I started a few years back but had given up on. To my surprise, it’s actually pretty good. I might even use my new found perseverance and turn it into something great. Or at the very least, use it as a confidence boost. Because there is nothing more valuable to a writer than confidence. Except perhaps an infinite amount of free time and a corresponding broken internet connection.


3 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Well done you for persevering with it. I hope your perseverance pays off with your writing too – you deserve it and I look forward to reading the results one day.

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