I Wrote My First Haiku

I just wrote my first haiku.

John Scalzi is having a contest and the winner will have their name as a character in one of his novels. All you have to do is the following (according to the entry post on his blog here):

For the contest, write a haiku from the point of view of some who is either about to die or has just died, from one (or more!) of the following:

1. A spider monkey or monkeys;
3. Poor GPS directions
4. And, of course, Spontaneous Human Combustion.


1. One haiku per person. So make it good.

2. “Haiku” in this case means a poem in 5/7/5 syllable configuration. You don’t need to make a seasonal reference.

3. All entries have to be in by 11:59:59pm Eastern, Sunday, January 16, 2011.

4. If you win, the name used will be your last name. The person using your name may or may not be of your own sex/nationality/creed/sexual predilections, etc. You won’t be able to substitute anyone else’s name.

And there you are. Drop your entries in the comment thread.

Here is my entry:

A threatened monkey
Misplaced bag of taco bell
The sh** hit the fan

Man, I love a good poop joke. And yes, this is my first ever haiku. Kinda fun to write actually.


9 thoughts on “I Wrote My First Haiku

  1. omg, 750 entries do sound a bit many!

    and even if you don’t win, it’s good that you found haiku – or was it haiku that found you, rather?
    although some rules are quite strict, writing haiku* can be quite fun sometimes.

    * just recently i learned that the plural is also haiku. :))

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