Bubblin’ and Brewin’

Been sleeping a little bit better the past couple days. Well, last night, at least.

I’ve also been trying to brew up some story ideas. I have some brewing around in my head right now, but nothing solid yet. I do find, however, that once I truly get my head and ears back into writing mode, ideas eventually come. Just have to be patient, is all.

I’m the absolute last one of this bandwagon, I’m sure, but I’ve been watching the Firefly episodes for the first time. What an absolute treat that show was. Too bad there was only one season.

Many other ideas things churning around in my head right now, from the Steelers making another appearance in the Super Bowl, to success cleaning up my arcade game, to politics stuff. I’ll hold off on writing about those things for now, but you’ve been warned. They may come up in the future.


3 thoughts on “Bubblin’ and Brewin’

  1. Let those ideas flow on to paper.

    Funnily, I never begin with ideas. I have a sentence or an image or nothing at all and then I just start writing.

    For the last few days, have been picking up random pictures and free-writing about them on my blog, which is quite fun, if nothing else 🙂

    All the best with your writing!

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