My Flash Fiction Entry: It’s Getting Hot In Here

My entry for the Clarity Of Night Flash Fiction Contest has been posted. Mine is number 39. I’m posting it here also, for posterity. I don’t expect to win the contest, but I’m happy with what I’ve written. Let me know what you think, either here or over at the contest site.

Published July 13, 2041 |

Record high temperatures were reported across the United States for the thirteenth consecutive month, causing health officials to warn the elderly, the infirm, and mammals to avoid the outdoors between dawn and dusk. Some scientists put the blame on the shoulders of the democrat controlled government at the beginning of the century.

“Although the science is mixed on whether climate change is real, and has it never been proven that the Earth truly is warming, if it was, it most surely be due to the inaction from the left at a most critical time,” said Dr. W. R. Scrued, Political Science, Liberty University. “Not that human action could affect the Earth’s temperature in any way.”

Others take a more spiritual view on so-called climate change.

“If the good Lord meant for us to go outside in the middle of the day, air conditioning woulda never been invented,” shouted Brent Melanin through the driver’s side window of his Ford Decapitator. “Anyways, the Sun is just doin’ what it’s s’posed to. Makin’ the Earth warm.”

Democrat-influenced historians from liberal universities often blame the lack of meaningful climate change legislation on abuse of the filibuster and corporate influence on politics. An overwhelming number of our readers disagree.

According to a poll, seventy-nine percent of voters blame the democrats for climate change, while eighty-two percent of voters feel that the Earth is not getting any warmer because it snowed that one time last winter.


9 thoughts on “My Flash Fiction Entry: It’s Getting Hot In Here

  1. I loved this, Paul! So funny! Including the names… 😉 🙂 🙂
    Great take on Jason’s photo. Good luck with the contest.
    And thank you for your comment at my site… 🙂

  2. it was an absolutely clever entry. i was happy to have found the play on at least one of the names you created 🙂
    there was one entry however, that made me laugh more than yours, the one with the yellow hoe, but that belonged a definitely other category. yours is wry, that one is plain funny.

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