Interesting Flash Fiction Contest

So, I got this from my “contact me” yesterday:

My name is Kyle & I work at Yiddishkayt –- a small non-profit organization in Los Angeles that promotes Yiddish culture. Yiddishkayt has recently decided to host a flash fiction ‘context contest’ – a free contest with prizes – that is attempting to bring back the classic Yiddish phrase. Upon reading your website, I figured that your readers might be interested in partaking.

This intrigued me so I checked it out. Sure enough, I think you all might be interested. Here’s a description from the YiddishKayt website:

Every month, Yiddishkayt will post a pithy Yiddish proverb, expression, or classic piece of wisdom. It is up to you to write a brilliant piece of microfiction (500 words or fewer) that ends with the proverb, expression, or classic piece of wisdom we give and which provides the most apt use of it. Entries may be posted below on our website in Yiddish or English but may not exceed 500 words (including the provided phrase). Points are awarded for aptness, sharpness, and creativity. You can also send it in Participants agree to have their work published or republished by Yiddishkayt.

Winners will be announced a month later, sent a Yiddishkayt prize, and given the title of monthly Mayor of Yiddishland. Play fair, good luck and let the games begin!

Check out the link above for the phrase of the month. I’m currently starting a novel, but if that gets sidetracked I’m going to give this a try. It sounds fun.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Flash Fiction Contest

  1. for me, the most interesting part of the blogpost was this: ”im currently starting a novel’ – whoa. what a great way to conceal something really important 🙂 great news!

  2. Paul, me too I like best the “I’m currently starting a novel” part…
    This is always exciting news! May I ask (without you killing me) if you’ve finished the other one? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Vesper, you can ask anything you want! 🙂 I did not finish any of the novels. They were good exercises but didn’t really go anywhere.

      I’m gonna try try try to do a little planning up front so that doesn’t happen again.

  3. hey Paul, keep our fingers crossed, for just the other day i thought: ‘i totally will return and revise “Copper Moon” my, wip, which has been finished last Novermber when NaNo-ing, but i had not the chance and will to revise ever since.

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