Where Oh Where Is Our Leader?

 Now it is time to take longer strides–time for a great new American enterprise–time for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on Earth.


These were the words of President John Kennedy in 1961, urging our country to be a leader in the quest to step foot on the moon. We have no such leadership anymore.

Just imagine President Obama, saying that line above but replacing “space achievement” with renewable energy. Maybe it isn’t so hard to fathom. Now, however, imagine him taking real concrete steps and leadership in that direction. A pipe dream, no?

You can get pretty depressed thinking about it, to be honest. That the people we have elected to lead us don’t have the will, desire, or influence to do what is right. And it has depressed me until I realized that we still have power and influence. Sure, we don’t have the power over a nation. We do however, have power over ourselves.

This is how change is going to happen. Sure isn’t going to come from Washington. There’s too much money influence in oil and coal and natural gas. We’re gonna have to do it ourselves.

Think about it. We all have control of our households. We can recycle. We can use better light bulbs. We can shy away from plastic, and reuse things rather than throwing them away.

Let’s focus our attention a little further. Do you work in an office? Do they recycle or compost? Would it really take much effort to start? How about the school your kids attend? And what about the town you live in? And so on and so on.

Pretty soon people get used to greener ways of life. It becomes the new norm. They start asking “why don’t we recycle?”. If enough people start asking, eventually those in charge will have to listen. They would be losing too much money not to.

Where is our leader? Take a peek in a mirror.


2 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Is Our Leader?

  1. Very nicely said, and SO true! It’s easy to think one person -especially if that one person is us – can’t make a difference. But ONLY one person can make a difference.

    My school is in the pacific northwest, where they are all very ecology minded. We were told for residency to be green and bring our own coffee cups and water bottles (the reusable ones), and I, one of the few east coasters, was one of the only ones I saw that did that. And I am much more fanatical about recycling. Talk and politics is cheap. What you DO counts.

    So thanks for being one of those people who DO. 🙂

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