The Raven – The Simpsons

This is from a Treehouse Of Horror from long ago. This is probably my favorite Simpsons moment, partly because of my love of Edgar Allen Poe, party because I can remember watching this with my sister when we were younger, and partly because it’s friggin’ Darth Vader reading Edgar Allen Poe.

This is the only Youtube video I could find, the audio is there but the video is just static. I still recommend it. You can find the audio and video here at this link.

Happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “The Raven – The Simpsons

  1. I too love this episode. My other favourites are “the shinning” and the one where Homer makes a time machine from a toaster and keeps returning to the past and changing things. That last one’s a parody of a short story but I can’t remember what it’s called. Oh,then there’s the one where he sells his soul for a donut. That had such a great ending. Oh, then there’s…aw heck, I love ’em all!

  2. Homer: “No beer and no TV make Homer…something something.”
    Marge: “Go crazy?”
    Homer: “Don’t mind if I do!”

    I know that’s not from The Raven, but I love all the Treehouse of Horror eps. It’s fun to see what they come up with. I haven’t watched The Simpsons in ages, though – maybe I should have a Treehouse of Horror marathon! 🙂

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