Share Storytelling Opportunity

Would you like a quick writing exercise? I mean really quick? I mean 100 words quick?

Are you in the Christmas mood? Wanna write about Christmas?

Well you can combine both things and take part in the Shared Storytelling: Advent Ghosts 2011 event at the blog I Saw Lightning Fall. Here are the details:

1.) If you want to contribute, email ISawLightningFall [at] gmail [dot] com.
2.) Write a spooky piece of flash fiction exactly 100-words long — no more, no less. Note that you don’t have to write a ghost story, per se. Any genre is fine, but your final result should aim to raise gooseflesh on the back of the reader’s neck.
3.) Post your story to your blog on December 24th and email the link to me. Hosting can be arranged for those who don’t have their own blogs.

I will be taking part, and I hope you will too. That means if you stop by here on the 24th you’ll be able to read my little spooky 100 words story. Sound fun?

3 thoughts on “Share Storytelling Opportunity

  1. Woo! I’ve been quite quiet on the writing front recently what with christmas and all so this is a timely, and welcome, opportunity to put pen to paper! Thanks Paul!

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