An Angel Above

The following is my 100 word entry for the Shared Story:Advent Ghosts project proposed at the blog I Saw Lightning Fall. This was fun to write, although it was a challenge to tell the story in exactly 100 words. I hope you enjoy it, and do click the link and read the other entries as well.

An Angel Above

Her crochet angel sat atop our tree that frosty Christmas Eve.

For nine years it had been missing, gone the Christmas she had taken her leave.

Had it really been that long?

Grandma was a crafter. She made things with her hands.

The skiing squirrel, fashioned from walnuts and acorns our family had gathered on our walks for her.

The tiny felt and cotton glove.

And an angel tree topper.

There was no Etsy in her time. Only Church bazaars. And family trees.

The angel was gone that Christmas morning. But I swear it had been there. So had she.

24 thoughts on “An Angel Above

  1. Very nice Paul. I found it quite poignant. I too found it challenging to get everything across in 100 words but you did a good job with this one. Kudos!

  2. But I swear it had been there. So had she.
    And I know she will always be there, Paul.
    Very touching 100 words, very well done.

    I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!

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