Dreamers – Flash Fiction

Well, here’s another bit of flash fiction I wrote last night. I hope you all don’t mind reading these because I’m having fun writing them. This one is titled Dreamers and the prompt was “road trip”.  You can read it at Figment at the link I’ve provided or below.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Nikola Tesla. Dr. Samuel Beckett from Quantum Leap. Dreamers who never got to see their dream fulfilled.

Me? I accomplished my dream. I drove my Dad’s 1973 Beetle from Pennsylvania to California, no heater, no air conditioning, and no functioning fuel gauge. Without breaking down once.

Well, there was that time on the bridge in Pittsburgh, and that time in the Smoky Mountains, and that time near Dollywood. Any car would’ve overheated/froze/ran out of gas in those places though.

Funny thing about dreamers. Sometimes they forget to plan how they’re going to get home.