Still Kickin

Just writing this post to let you know I’m still alive, just haven’t had much to blog about. 

After another false start of a novel, I’ve decided I’m gonna try something different. I’m not starting another novel until I have at least a basic outline on paper. I can get away with pants-ing it on shorter works, but I just can’t pull it off for a novel.

When/if I ever figure this out I’ll let you know.

7 thoughts on “Still Kickin

  1. I wish you well, honestly I do. I, too, am having an inspirational meltdown of sorts. If I could only move to Tahiti for a few years and leave the woes and worries behind … well, it would be a start!

  2. I’ve tried two novels without an outline, and one novel with an outline. I had the most success when I started off with an outline, although by the time I was finished, my novel took several unexpected twists and turns – for the better, I think – away from the outline. Just make sure that you’re not afraid to veer from your outline, and I think it will serve you well.

    • I hear you on veering from the outline and agree. I don’t want to write a set-in-stone detailed outline. I just want a path marked in pencil, that I can rewrite at any time. It still beats walking about in darkness though.

  3. Hey Paul,

    I’ve tried to outline my novel but I discovered that I’m not capable of doing it. I cannot put in details of what my characters will do because it feels artificial. It has to come naturally from the flow of the story. I knew from the very beginning -in general traits- what the story was about, what should happen, and how it was supposed to end. I thought that by outlining it, I would make it more clever, but trying to outline just stops me dead in the tracks.
    However, taking the time to think more about it was still helpful. I have now more ideas that click better together and the red thread going through it is definitely more visible.
    Good luck to you and I’m glad that you’re still kickin’ ! 😉


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