Flash Fiction Writing Contest Opportunity

It’s been a long time since I posted here, but I figured you all would like to know about this:
Lascaux Flash Fiction Contest. Entries are to be 250 words or less, and the prize is $250. Here is more information about the contest, from the Lascaux Flash website:

The Rules:

Using the photo prompt below, compose a work of short fiction, maximum length 250 words. The prompt is for inspiration only; entries will not be judged on how well they relate to it. Title is not included in the word count.

(see the contest site for the photo)

One entry per person. Submissions open at noon U.S. eastern time on 8 September and close two weeks later, at midnight on 22 September (the Autumnal Equinox).

Anyhow, get more details at the contest site. They are accepting entries beginning in four days and will continue to accept entries for two weeks after. I plan on submitting something and I hope you do as well.

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Writing Contest Opportunity

  1. Interesting contest. Reminds me (with nostalgia) of Jason’s contests… 🙂 I saw a few names we know over there at Lascaux’s… Thanks for posting about this, Paul, and good luck with your entry! 🙂

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