Wait of the World

This bit of fiction is part of  I Saw Lightning Fall‘s (blog) Advent Ghosts 2012 shared storytelling event.  100 eerily inspired words. Here’s my entry. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments are welcome. Feed my ego please!

Wait of the World

“I used to hope for peace on Earth, now my only prayer is that nobody I love gets murdered.”

“There is good in this world,” Grandpa replies, his face illuminated by the white light of my family’s Christmas tree.  It’s easy for him to say. He’s been dead for fifteen years, the concerns of the living no longer his.

“How can I raise them in times like these?”

“Teach them peace,” he says. “Teach them love. Teach them that it’s okay to care.”

A tear traces my cheek. He’s gone before I have the chance to tell him Merry Christmas.

14 thoughts on “Wait of the World

  1. Very touching Paul. I especially liked the line ‘”how can I raise them in times like these?”‘. Echoes the concerns of all parents, especially in recent times. On a lighter note, I liked ‘It’s easy for him to say. He’s been dead fifteen years.’ I know it’s not a funny line, but it’s a lighter way of showing he’s a ghost. Good job!


    • Thanks man. I meant that one to be a funny line, so I’m glad you picked up on that.

      Yeah, the thing that happened a week ago at the school really kicked my ass. I’m just today finally starting to feel a bit better. I probably should’ve worked it out here a bit, but I try to keep it PG here and my thoughts have been more ragefull lately.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and your loyalty to this blog.


  2. I love the bitter-sweetness of this story, Paul. It’s like life, and the love we keep in us for the people we have and for the people we’ve lost.
    Have a very Merry Christmas with all your loved ones!

  3. “Teach them it’s okay to love”. That resonated in my mind for a long time. You inspired me to write something. Very good piece. Great job, Paul! 🙂

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