Nathan Bransford Launches #ThankAWriter

Writing can be a very lonely thing. So why not make it less so for your favorite author(s)?
via Nathan Bransford, Author.

None of us would be who we are today without the influence of the books we’ve read throughout our lives. And for those of us who are writers, books have shaped us so much we have chosen to write them ourselves and hopefully leave behind works that resonate with a new generation of readers.

As a way of giving thanks, I’m going to hand write thank you notes to five authors for the impact they’ve had on my life.

I’m so excited to kick off the #ThankAWriter project with my good friend Maggie Mason, who blogs at Mighty Girl, and is one of the cofounders of Go Mighty, a site built around making a list of your life goals, finding people who can help you achieve them, and sharing your stories as you complete them. My profile is here.

2 thoughts on “Nathan Bransford Launches #ThankAWriter

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