Paramore: Still Into You

Paramore, I’m still into you. See what I just did there everybody? Wordplay, yo.

I got into the band Paramore last year, late to the party as always. They immediately grabbed my ears by the,well, ears and haven’t let go. My favorite all time Paramore song is most likely That’s What You Get. I could listed to that song for eternity and never tire of it. It’s just perfect.

Paramore put out a new album this week, and although their sound has matured, it’s still awesome. The first video I posted above, from the song Still Into You, is from the new album. It makes me happy.

Now, I can’t write and listen to the music at the same time. I get too distracted. Especially when it’s music I enjoy. That said, I can certainly listen to this album before writing to get me in the proper mindset. That is a win.

Can you listen to music while you write?